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Contact & Order

Business Card


Manager :
Wan Norsiha

Address :
933 B, Jalan Kuala Berang,
Wakaf Beruas,
20050 Kuala Terengganu,
Terengganu Darul Iman

Contact Number :
+6013-370 7448
+6013-923 6312

Fax Number :
09-631 3384

Email :

Website :

How to Order

A. Online Order
1. You may contact us by;
- Email: iconwear07[at] or
- Yahoo Messenger: onenuur2002
- Contact Number: +6013 370 7448
for item details and availability. You can also do this by leaving your messages on our chat box. Include the item code, your name, your phone number and email.

2. Wait for our confirmation about the item availability. We will give you the method of payment and details of transaction later.

3. Make the payment accordingly within 3 days, notify us once you have made the payment, and give us your address and phone number. We will deliver the item once the payment is clear.

4. You should receive your item in one week, more or less, after we post the item. Let us know once your item is received.

B. Offline
Do come to our premise, as shown on map above. For this term, we accept cash.

Join us on spreading da’wah message! (^_^)

Interested to become our agent?
Contact us and then, you may download the catalog as shown in this website.

Terms & Conditions

1. Serious buyers only. No last minute cancellation will be entertained.

2. Booking/Reservation is only accepted for up to 3 working days.

3. Price does not include delivery charge/postage, see below for postage rates.

4. We will ensure the items will be in their best condition at the time we ship the item.

6. Delivery will be made when once your payment is clear. We will tell you once the shipping is done.

7. We accept payment to BIMB account. Anyone interested to pick up the item from our place in Terengganu is allowed to do so, and for this method we accept cash.

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sS Boutique

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Sy sdh terima
tshirt Q06.
Thanks. Rsnya sy
berhutang RM1.50.
Harap dihalalkan.
InsyaAllah moga2
perniagaan saudari
maju. Ameen :)"
Regards, Syazni

"Salam siha..
baju sy da smpi
smlm..wlpon smpul
surat dia koyak sket..
hehe..kalo ade
stock bj yg mdl. 08 tu
saiz L gtau ye."


"Praise to Allah,
My mom said the
parcel had arrived safely...
But I did not have the
time to look at those
clothes yet, coz I'm
renting a house due
to my internship.
InsyaAllah, I will do that
on this weekend.
Don't worry, I am
confident that I will be
satisfied. Thank you for
your cooperation.


Maaf, ana baru
berkesempatan nak email
untuk acknowledge
that the order has
arrived according
to time dan baju
tersebut sangat memuaskan.

Allrise Mizah

assalamualaikum akak,
alhamdulillah tengah hari
semalam baju yang akak
pos dah sampai.
baju cantik, handsocks pun
sedap pakai.rase rugi
pulak beli 2 je handsocks tu.
hhe keychain pun comei2.suka2
terima kasih akak.
jazakallahu khairan kathira

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